Virtual Design Lab is a one man shop located in Los Angeles, Ca. I have been building websites for years since I taught myself HTML and more importantly CSS. Since then I have learned PHP, JavaScript and jQuery. I’ve decided to focus on WordPress and have immersed myself in everything related to it. I’ve worked with many themes and plugins and can deal with any issues related to them, because I know the coding and concepts behind it.

There are a lot of Web Developers out there who buy an expensive theme and slap a few stock photos they’ve purchased into it and pass themselves off as WordPress experts. They often charge exorbitant amounts of money and leave the site only 80% finished. I have fixed so many sites like this filled with screwy plugins they couldn’t figure out how to get working right, or the forms don’t work at all, or the site is messed up in certain browsers and not mobile friendly. I take every job seriously and pay utmost attention to details. I hand code HTML so it is SEO friendly right from the get-go. I can customize any theme or build one from scratch.

Here is a link to the Starter theme I used to build this (and other) web sites.
Start theme on
As you can see it looks a lot different from the final product because I can customize any theme.

Choosing a theme is often the hardest part about building a WordPress site. Sometimes the demo of the theme looks fantastic but that is because they have crammed it full of all the flashy bells and whistles that aren’t even going to be used on your site. If you have a theme in mind you would like to use I can discuss the pros and cons of using that particular theme.